Television Broadcast

Tune in to “The Word Above All” broadcast every Friday at 12:30pm to hear what the Lord has to say



Our outreach team is made up of faithful members who love their church and Pastor


Usher Board

Come visit and let our ushers seat you with love and hospitality


Nurses Guild

Our nurses program focuses on the well being of the membership and guest during service


Senior Choir

Our Senior choir is comprised of the seasoned pillars of Zion Hill. Come let them sing to your  happy Soul.


Youth Choir

Youth and young adults from the ages of 13yrs and up make up our youth choir.


SunShine Band

The SunShine Band is a delightful mix of children. Their ages range from walking age to 12yrs.


The Inspirational Praise Choir

The Inspirational Praise Choir is a “Come one Come all” choir. All  are welcome!


Male Chorus
It has been said that our Male chorus is formed with some of the greatest men on “Gods green earth.”


Praise Team

Our Praise Team is an anointed group of individuals that usher in the spirit of the Lord.


Dance Ministry

Our Dance Ministry is made up of young girls with graceful praise talents that minister with dance.


Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministry strives to develop our youth into the spiritual mind citizens of tomorrow.


Pastor’s Aid Committee

Our pastor’s Aid Committee is a dynamic support team  dedicated to our Pastor’s well being.


Deacon Board

Our Deacon Board is comprised of ordained men of Zion Hill to govern the well being of the congregation.


Mother’s Board

Busy Bees