Pastor David Lee & First Lady Jaunice Lee

Pastor and first lady

God’s Pastor

Pastor Lee

Reverend David Lee, Senior Pastor & Founder, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor David Lee is a native of Memphis, Tennessee.  He confessed his hope in Christ and was born into Christianity at the Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church when he was a young adult.  He worked diligently as a deacon and was called into the ministry by God Himself shortly thereafter.

He has a wide experience of knowledge from many, many years of studies.  He faithfully studied with Dr. V. W. McLawler, University of Louisville School of Divinity before his pastoral ship.  He spends many hours studying God’s Word guilded by the Holy Spirit.

His messages are very clear to all.  He is a special marriage counselor and teacher expounding on the sanctity of marriage and family.  He teaches sound biblical doctrine for yesterday, today and forever more.

He cares deeply for children and families and is most concerned for their future and well-being.  He has pastored for centuries with love, care and faithfulness.  He is a devoted father of eleven children and a grandfather of 52 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.  He has been married to his lovely wife for sixty years. Pastor Lee practices what he preaches by showing unconditional love for his family and church family.

His plan is to continue his God called work until the Lord says “well done thy good and faithful servant . . .”

Reverend Kenneth S. Lee

Rev. Kenneth Lee is the second eldest son born to Pastor David and First kennyLeeLady Jaunice Lee.  Rev. Lee has been in the church all of his life and has been a great help to his father.  He attended school in the Indianapolis School System where he played football, wrestled, threw the shot put and the discus.  He continued his athletic career by playing college football and participating in track and field at the Kentucky State and a Jr. college in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Rev. Lee continued his college education at the University of Indianapolis and graduated for Indiana State University.

Rev. Kenny, as we call him, has always had a love and concern for the youth.  He is the Youth Minister at the Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  He conducts youth meetings, youth revivals, youth conferences and speaks to the youth every third Sunday of the month during morning worship at the Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, where his father is the pastor and founder.  Rev. Lee is very supportive of his father’s ministries and has played an intricate part.  Salvation is very important to Rev. Kenny and he spends a lot of his time witnessing to young people emphasizing the importance of Salvation.

Rev. Lee is a father of 2 sons and 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  His wife, Terry is very supportive of his ministry.  Although Rev. Kenny was mischievous as a child, he has grown to be a well-respected man among his peers and family.  He is greatly loved by his church family and acquaintances.  He is skilled in the Word of God and loves God with all his heart.

Rev. Rondell Weathers

Rev. Rondell Weathers is the Associate Minister of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  He has held this title for twenty plus years.  He has been a member of the church since he was fifteen years old.  He is a graduate of Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, IN.  He and his wife, Georgia Weathers, have been married twenty-nine years and have nine children.  He and his family take delight being involved in the Men’s program of the church, the church choir, as well as the inspirational praise choir.

Rev. Mark Wilson

Rev. Mark Wilson holds many titles with Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church ranging from: Director of Mini Boot Camp, Lead Vocalist of TMT, Lead Vocalist in the Male Chorus, Bus Driver, Maintenance, Clergy, and etc. MarkWilson He’s held the Director of Mini Boot Camp since 1996.  He has been a member of the church his entire life.  He is a graduate of Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, IN.  He also attended Indiana Business College and Martin University obtaining an associate’s and bachelor’s degree both in accounting.  He and his wife, Joanna Wilson, have been married twenty-one years and have five children.  He and his family enjoy field trips, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, museums, school events, and sports.

Teresa Lee-Robinson

Teresa wears many hats at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Teresa is the Executive Director of the outreach ministries of the church. She is the Administrator/Accountant and organist of the Church. She started and directs the church childcare and preschool. She has served at the church for 38 years and her dad, Pastor Lee, teresaoften refers to her as his “right hand.” She began the Inspirational Praise Choir in 1994. She began the Zion Hill Hand Bell Choir in 2002 and is studying to conduct and teach instrumental music. She directs various outreach programs such as the Zion Hill Enrichment Summer camp. She writes grants and provides many resources to the congregation as well as the community. Teresa was joined in holy matrimony to Pallmer P. Robinson on August 10, 1996.Teresa has taken pride in her education. She has an Associate degree in Accounting, a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and a Master’s degree in Accounting and is pursuing a PhD in Human Services. Teresa has served as a college professor at an area University teaching accounting, economics, federal taxation and other business resources. She has served on the Strategic Planning Committee at Martin University. She is currently a Board of Director of Healthnet, Secretary of Board of Directors for Community Resurrection Partnership, Inc., and the Vice President of the Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation. Teresa is a Community Organizer where she is the Martindale/Brightwood Study Circles Coordinator. Teresa has applied all her knowledge and experience with her to help her dad and the Zion Hill church family and is striving to bring into realty the vision of her Pastor.